Ab Wheel Abs Roller


  • Wheel roller is a machine that allows you to exercise your abs at home and very easily, it will prove to be your home GYM.
  • The abs roller has two plastic round plates and an iron rod with foam on the side of the rod to make your hands feel comfortable,
  • Tummy Trimmer is very beneficial for your hand muscles, it is made of double spring rod, so that when exercised, your hand muscles, waist muscles, shoulder muscles and abdominal muscles are completely stretched.
  • For those whose fat is increased, they want to slim themselves can prove to be beneficial to some extent.
  • Portable Fitness Equipment: The ab exerciser is portable fitness equipment that can be used in your home or gym comfortably. It comes fully assembled for immediate use. The steel springs can be removed easily and put back on the expander. It is beneficial for beginners and advanced users


Abhaya Enterprises Ab Wheel Abs Roller & Tummy Trimmer Machine Combo, Abs Exercise Equipment for Home