laser astar scanner



The Biostimulation low level laser therapy unit comes with option to adjust power during operation in continuous or pulse mode. The Polaris 2 is perfect for laser puncture, as clinicians are able to repeat treatment without having to touch unit. In addition to this while in the program mode the therapist has access to Voll and Nogier frequencies. The laser scanning applicator is suitable for automatic irradiation of large areas in need of treatment without the presence of physiotherapist. Unit has three modes of irradiation these are line, curves and ellipse within a rectangular boundary. The clinician can use light source based on the characteristic of the area that needs treatment. Polaris 2 works with: – R 80mW/660nm, R+IR scanning laser applicators: R+IR 50mW + 400mW, R+IR 100mW + 450mW – R+IR, cluster laser applicator: 5x Rx40mW + 4x IRx400mW, IR laser point probes: IR 200mW/808nm, IR 400mW/808nm, R laser point probes: R 40mW/660nm.


Biostimulation laser?Polaris 2