Orbitrac Elliptical


Working on moving the whole body and WEIGHT one movement

??Digital screen

?To measure both of the?time,??distance,??speed,? heart?rate,? calories lost

??While working at the expense of the time factor for the trainee and the extent of the? ? ? ? ?

?Linking the time factor by a factor greater burn calorie existing body

?Heartbeat?😕 the natural rate of heart beat of 220 beats per minute

?Calories:? touch screen to measure the calories lost and increasing rates of increase of the burning of the training effort and time of use

?And also by the different resistances to increase the training load lifting efficiency physical trainee

?Automatic device programs

?Help to burn more calories and stimulate circulation and pacemaker

?The device has a 4 arms

?Two Arms steady

?Two moving arms

??(?Arms,??chest,??shoulders,??sides,? abdomen and buttocks?)?

?Characterized by higher orbitrac weigh and through which the apprentice acquired higher weight can be easily used by

?orbitrac works on the palm of your knees because he enjoyed easily in the movement and part of a circular flexible and powerful

??Stride foot


Orbitrac Elliptical