Orbitrack Bike – 4 Arms – 120 GK


This machine gives you a good cardio workout. High-Low Resistance settings for easy to harder workouts. The tension can be adjusted for this resistance via the adjustable tension knob. The arms move for an extra upper body workout, like a cross trainer. ? This exercise bike (elliptical) has Reversible movement also. Forward pedalling emphasizes your quadriceps muscles (front thighs). While backwards pedalling emphasizes your hamstrings (back thighs). Take advantage of this, and make your workout less fatiguing.

Intensive use

Screen: Large screen measuring distance, time, speed, calories, heartbeat

Max weight: 120kg

Movement specifications: Provider by opponents different increase the training load


Pro Hanson EH-OR02 Orbitrack Bike – 4 Arms – 120 GK