Resistance Band Exercises


?9-Pcs Piece Set?:: The training bands set mainly includes 2*40lb short band (12.2in), 2*40lb long band(18.1in), 2*Ankle strap, 2*Wrist band,1* belt

?Strengthen Muscle?:the stretch band exercises help users increase or decrease resistance during training or rehabilitation, creating the perfect challenge for each muscle group, perfect for everyday workouts at home, at the gym, at the gym or on the go. Flexibly use the accessories in the kit according to your needs, the resistance of the exercise can be stacked from 40lb to 160lb

?Muscle Injury Rehabilitation?:The resistance band does not put pressure on the body, which makes it a major part of the recovery of exercise or muscle damage. Bands can maintain joints and others, and are very safe to use

?Multiple Use Methods?: Wear elastic band suits for your body, whether in basketball, football, gym or boxing training, you can use Bring your fitness goals to new heights.For weight training, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, and ballistic exercises or other to improve their ability to apply explosive power. We have added a unique force band to the Ankle strap, pulling power to the feet and balancing your body muscles

?Preferred Material?: The inner environment is made of natural and environmentally friendly latex, which has short elastic elasticity and short elasticity. It is covered with a strong protective cover, which not only prevents breakage but also anti-oxidation. At the same time, it avoids injury by adding 0.22in thick steel buckle at the junction. Belt,Ankle strap and Wrist band with adjustable fixed webbing, giving users a different comfort


9-pcs Resistance Band Exercises Set for Arms and Legs Train Band