Running Speed Training 56 inch Parachute


Acceleration helper?Experiments have shown that a single 56-inch diameter parachute can produces 12-33 pounds of resistance. The faster the speed, the greater the resistance will be. You can also increase the difficulty of sports by adding 1-3 resistance parachutes, and make the speed a breakthrough. The training parachute is suitable for all sports that requires explosive force and acceleration training, such as track and field, football/soccer, basketball, skating and so on.

?Upgrade buckle belt?Upgrade the modified buckle belt to get rid of the tearing of the belt used by Moss, plug and play, convenient and fast. The metal D-ring rotates 360 degrees, which means you can sprint in any direction.

?Comfortable to wear?Adjustable high-quality nylon belt, is suitable for high-strength stretching, and is suitable for all kinds of waists (20-42 inches) for men, women and children, to achieve the best state.

?Easy to carry?The total weight of the double umbrella is about 350g. It is light and thin design, fast storage, saves time, concentrates on training, and can be put into the training package at any time.

?Gift preferred?Running chute is a fashionable and cool outdoor professional fitness product, which makes you feel full of fun during your workout. It is very safe to control the intensity and speed of training according to your physical fitness. It is the first choice for healthy gifts.


Running Speed Training 56 inch Parachute. Speed Chute for Weight Bearing Running and Fitness Core Strength Training (2 Umbrella)