Single Cable Handle


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Those kinds of bar is ideal for strengthening the muscles in your upper body. You can attach it to a strength station pulley using a snap hook. Then get started! The bar ensures an optimal workout of the back, breast and arm muscles. You strengthen different muscle groups by constantly changing the position of your hands. The bar has rubber coated, which prevent your hands from sliding off the bar.

– Easy to use and therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced strength athletes
– Ideal for increasing the options of a strength station
– Use for various different exercises
– Rubber handle ensure that your hands do not slide off the bar
– – Increase the workout options and postures of a strength station

– Easy to attach to a pulley using a snap hook
– Ideal for training your upper body
– Curved and wide bar, ensuring a comfortable grip


Solid Lat Fitness Bar for Gym Fitness Machine Accessory Single Cable Handle