Tricep V Bar Push Down Cable


Any gym goer knows it?s triceps that make the arm look big. With this Tricep V Bar you can target the tricep in one smooth motion many cable machines. It?s made of solid steel with a chromed finish. The bar can be used on most gym systems with a universal cable attachment.

This product comes in two options: With rubber grip and without rubber grip.

Product dimensions: approximately 33x18cm

Specifications / Features:

  • Heavy duty push down bar for use with cable stack equipment
  • Isolates the triceps
  • Strength and endurance guarantee
  • Made from stainless steel with knurled grip/rubber grip
  • Finished in chrome plating
  • Heavy Duty Tricep Push Down Bar for use with cable machines


Tricep V Bar Push Down Cable Attachment Handle Close Grip Multi Gym Triceps Pres