Jumbo Perforated Cones 30 cm (single)


High quality jumbo perforated cones, approx. 16 cm high. The jumbo perforated hoods are available in 9 different colours. They consist of very resilient plastic and are almost “indestructible”. They won’t break even if you step on them, i.e. they are very flexible. With them you can mark for example playing fields or courses on grass, artificial grass, hard courts or in the hall. The cones ar perforated all around and can therefore be quickly combined to a mini hurdle system together with the matching poles (see shop). The following colours are available: orange, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, white, black and neon yellow. The price refers to 1 jumbo perforated cone. Simply select the desired colour above. The matching set of 20 cones, carrier holder, hurdle bars and training exercises can also be found in our shop.?Professional teams already use our training equipment!


Jumbo Perforated Cones? 30 cm (single)